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There are lots of ways to contact your date, from texting to Snapchat to Whatsapp – but according to a recent survey, 80% of singles would prefer to talk over the phone.Everyone has a past, and most of us have some baggage.You don’t get anything out of being dishonest, and neither does your date.If you enjoyed your date and you want to meet up with them again, make sure to let them know.If that’s a stereotype, I hope it’s one they’re happy to bear.So when Date British approached me about writing this post, I said, absolutely.

People will enjoy your company much more once you’ve realized how great you actually are! If you don’t want to go on a second date, tell them.

As your relationship develops, both of you will start to talk more about each other’s baggage, but it shouldn’t be brought up when you first start dating.

Deep emotional issues are for people who know each other well, not people who have just met.

Some people decide immediately that they aren’t attracted to their date, but then they change their minds after talking to them for a while.

Don’t make a decision about your date until you’ve spent at least 15 minutes with them.

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